What should I say what you are to me..

How should I show what I feel when you are with me..


Was walking alone with no one to hold my hand..

That’s where u came and took a stand..


With no dreams just broken thoughts in my mind..

You held me, made me dream took my side


Fooling the world with fake smile and laugh on my face

You were the one who could feel and gaze my pain..


Had friends to cheer but no one to walk along,

You pushed me when tired, making me strong


Was humiliated and ignored with all the flaws

You made me realize no limitation can be a cause


They hurt they thrashed and you did the same

They ran they left but you stood in shame.


You cried with every tear I shed

Made me smile with no reason to be there.


My trust has broken but it will be same again

All I seek time to give, so if you can


My heart is weak but mind can be strong

Want to remove all or any differences born


So I have decided set you free

If I am to be with you no matter what I will be


Cause one day I hope you will know….

What you are to me

How I feel when you are with me

I wish I were  able to make you understand me…

 Posted in response to this week’s writing challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/weekly-writing-challenge-i-wish-i-were/