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Time has passed but I remained the same,

Seasons changed but my heart remained the same,

Forgetting those moments has become difficult

Few things fade as you merge in the cult

It was a regular spring morning everyone left but me as every year during this time I keep myself busy with cleaning the junk out of my house. After almost sweeping the house clean  I came across a box in my attic, a box full of old memories and unforgettable moments, memories which were still alive in my heart no matter how much I try to forget they won’t fade I guess few things fades as you fade from this earthy world.  With that box in my hands time just stopped as it did on that day…..

Later that day while sitting at my favorite place on terrace, looking at the sunset with soft breeze flowing with sweet fragrances of spring flowers took me back in time. Those moments captured in my heart, that time I want to relive again and again no matter what, where I am and how I am. A fairytale with  not a happy ending but still every single second worth reliving.  Looking at the picture I thought again how fast time flies it seems it was just yesterday when I had him in my arms.

He was my shoulder to lean on when I needed one and I was his smile when he craved for one. We were best friends, we were those unspoken lovers who knew the best relation is such where you love each other but yet remain good friends. There were moments our eyes stuck with each other, looking for a reason to hug each other or hold hands or find any stupid reason to see each other.

This was the last day before we decided to move on and follow the path life has chosen for us, tears were not allowed, we wanted it to be the best day of our life having each other by our side. A long trek by the mountain, breakfast at our favorite joint and then a long ride on a bike till countryside, a small picnic by the river side. We sat for hours holding hands talking about things cracking jokes on each other knowing that these are the few last hour together and will never come back.

As wind touched my face again it reminded me while ridding back as I placed my head on his shoulder I was filled with question such as how would I be able to come out of the downfall , where would I get the shoulder to lean on and who will make me see the sunshine after the stormy night. As planned we reached the same alley, the same road, the same stair where it all begun, where we first met but this time it was for the last time. Time has come to say our goodbyes, time to let go each other and time to survive without each other.

We stood there for a few minutes holding hands looking into each other eyes saying nothing but saying lot of things, a part of us just don’t want to move on a part of us just want the time to freeze and then something happened which never happened before,something which  both of us stopped each other to do so many times but that day we could not and we kissed, it was a perfect kiss. Then came those words, those unspoken words simultaneously “I Love You”. It was always there we knew we love each other we knew we will always love each other but we never said till that day.

We stood there in each other arms forgetting about the world, about the people around us we just stood there don’t even remember for how long till someone walked up to us and handed over this picture saying “I am sorry but could not help capturing a untold story, hope this will be with you forever” and it did not just because of the picture but for many other reasons.

Forgetting those moments has become difficult

Few things fade as you merge in the cult

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Heart…O heart insane!!!

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Heart…O heart insane!!!
So many times I’ve made you understand
Yet you strive…strive to love

Give up once again…do not hold
Move ahead…let there be secrets untold
Be left as hurt be torn
For so was it meant behold

O you learn to live without a price

If all that meant was sacrifice
Do it once again..do it with a smile
For such is living for a while

Do not cry for you’ve loved
Heart O my heart insane!!!

One more time


What should I say what you are to me..

How should I show what I feel when you are with me..


Was walking alone with no one to hold my hand..

That’s where u came and took a stand..


With no dreams just broken thoughts in my mind..

You held me, made me dream took my side


Fooling the world with fake smile and laugh on my face

You were the one who could feel and gaze my pain..


Had friends to cheer but no one to walk along,

You pushed me when tired, making me strong


Was humiliated and ignored with all the flaws

You made me realize no limitation can be a cause


They hurt they thrashed and you did the same

They ran they left but you stood in shame.


You cried with every tear I shed

Made me smile…

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