Dlastmountain is about real life experience of few individuals, about their feelings,determination and struggle to survive in this vicious battle of life. How these few individual despite being different in nature and status roped themselves to gather as a group of friends and help each other in the different and difficult situation.

It reflects the cruelty of Indian society on one hand and on other hand reflects desires of individual trying to live against the society.

Be we live in democratic or communist or dictatorship government the rules set by so called SOCIETY are being followed either consciously or unconsciously. “WHAT  PEOPLE WILL THINK” that is the main question which derives our all the actions, the one who does not follow the tale of this particular statement gets a imprint of REBELLION or DISCARDED by the society.

We all do things which is not accordance to society yet we wear a mask so that we are well accepted among the rest, we want to prove ourselves but not for us but for the society. I hope I am able to show people how in reality we think but our actions are different….


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