One more time


What should I say what you are to me..

How should I show what I feel when you are with me..


Was walking alone with no one to hold my hand..

That’s where u came and took a stand..


With no dreams just broken thoughts in my mind..

You held me, made me dream took my side


Fooling the world with fake smile and laugh on my face

You were the one who could feel and gaze my pain..


Had friends to cheer but no one to walk along,

You pushed me when tired, making me strong


Was humiliated and ignored with all the flaws

You made me realize no limitation can be a cause


They hurt they thrashed and you did the same

They ran they left but you stood in shame.


You cried with every tear I shed

Made me smile…

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Goodbyes are not easy to say…….

I wonder is it so easy to forget everything in one sec if yes then why I have wet eyes and my heart is filled with pain and sorrow

Let it go

Let it go….

We give everything we can and ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US…but chasing wont work we have to understand… so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE

Sacrifice…… still not enough

You saw me being dumb, but i did to make u laugh
You saw me being stupid, but i did to make u look smart
You saw me crying, but i did so that you can hug me
You saw me being careless, but i did so that u can be responsible
You saw me ignoring, but i did so that i can get your attention
I wish just wish you could have understood me how incomplete i feel

WHO IS SHE…………..

A small phase,a small girl

a small age like a pearl


she ran like wind danced like wave

she was the one whom i could not save


she was fun she was joy

she was a girl with the nature of boy


she wanted to be one, world would know

she was the one whom i did not let grow


she did all what she wanted to do

she went there where no one would go


she brought pride with her game

she was the one who lost her name


she grew learning from her mistake

she cried for all for love sake


she climbed high so that no one can reach

but she fell once no one could ever speak


she was a fighter and fought again

she crawled she trembled but stood content


she loved as if there is no tomorrow

she was the one whom i brought all the sorrow


she devoted to what she does

enjoyed life with no fuss


She was my soul she was my life

She was the fire in my eyes


I know she is still there

but in dark and lost somewhere


I want her to shine again

want to take her from where it began


Alas, there she was with eyes in tear

face with glimpse of pain and fear


She looked dead and pale,

The fire in her eyes has almost fade


She stood sliently with a gaze,

Her eyes telling me dont run,have faith,


She moved slowly  to reach my hand,

showed me the way to time’s sand,


We went through all the pages of life

Saying no words,holding hands side by side


She broke the silence and asked me

Tell me what do you see?


I replied I see you full of life with a smile,

I see the spark in your eyes,


Spreading the joy with no despair

Being happy if a small reason to be there,


Filled with remorse and guilt inside

I knew I was the culprit in my mind.


With a faint smile on her face

Said Lets try its never too late


I was happy and alive

because i had you by my side


Life is strange,difficult and a mystery

But don’t forget together we can cross any and all misery


She looked different better then before,

calm peaceful and assured.


We held our hands with a strong bond,

a bond of trust, faith and will grow strong.


But will she be same again…Who she was.. do you know….